PVG Workshop

Course Overview

Approximate completion time: 120 minutes.
Suitable for: Safeguarding Officers, Head/Senior Coaches.

This training is mandatory for all Safeguarding Officers, along with the head/senior coaches. Club chairperson and senior committee members are also welcome to attend if they wish.

When we consider that our clubs are places where children come together on a regular basis, we need to ensure that they are in as safe a place they can possibly be. Whilst we can never full guarantee this, we can put in place processes to ensure we have done everything reasonably practicable to ensure the safety of all our members. This all starts with safe recruitment, the accountability for which lies with the club.

This is a two hour face to face group module, which covers the steps to take to safely recruit coaches and volunteers into your club, PVG and current legislation. Clubs need to understand their responsibilities in terms of the safe recruitment of staff and how the legislation affects both them and Scottish Gymnastics.

Please note this award does not need to be repeated unless there is a significant change to PVG Legislation were Scottish Gymnastics feel that an updates PVG Workshop would be necessary for members.

If you have any questions please email the team directly safeguarding@scottishgymnastics.org

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