Is coaching a career?

Course Overview

Approximate completion time: 75 minutes.
Suitable for: All coaches.

We believe that success isn't only measured in the number of medals our athletes achieve at elite levels but also by our clubs being stronger, better managed and having the capacity to grow.

In order to achieve this, Scotland needs quality coaches capable of working to high standards across all levels of the pathway and aspiring to choose a professional career in Gymnastics. This course gives you the tools to enable you to structure your coaching career and strive towards becoming a world class professional coach.


  • Improved personal development planning 
  • Understanding of self-analysis
  • Clearer understanding of being self-employed and requirements
  • Guide on how to register self-employed
  • Guide on how to submit a self-assessment tax return
  • Guide on allowable expenses
  • How to promote yourself
  • Complying with GDPR
  • Better financial controls and awareness


This course has a number of links to the HMRC website. These will provide extremely beneficial information to support you on your journey. Our estimated course duration does not include the additional time you may spend on these external resources.

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