Team Manager Training

Course Overview

Approximate completion time: 60 minutes.
Suitable for: Team Managers.

Scottish Gymnastics Team Manager training is designed to ensure any staff or volunteers who are taking groups of gymnasts to competitions or camps from their clubs, locally or abroad, are fully equipped to do their role. This provides an opportunity to develop and retain volunteers and staff within member clubs whilst maintaining the club image. 

Team Manager Training Level 1 is a free membership service and is designed as an introduction to Team Managing at a club level. It is intended to be an informative workshop to give participants the confidence and knowledge to effectively manage a team at club level.

Being an EFFECTIVE Team Manager is something which takes a bit of knowledge and practice.  This introductory training has been devised by Scottish Gymnastics to give Team Managers of our clubs and their teams a good foundation of information they would need to be aware of when they take on the management of a club team at an event. 

Scottish Gymnastics recommend the role of Team Manager and the training is recommended for anyone aged 18 or over.

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