Effective Club Framework Introduced

Course Overview

Approximate completion time: 20 minutes.
Suitable for: All Clubs.

The Effective Club Framework is specifically designed for Scottish Gymnastics member clubs to be flexible and simple. It is not a prescriptive approach to running an effective club. Each club is different and what may be appropriate for one may not work in another.

The eight principles are designed to be broad so that clubs of all different sizes can take them and adapt them to suit their own needs. In this respect how a club takes each of the features and uses or applies them in their context will be different. The development team is here to support clubs to maximise their use of the framework in a way that is appropriate for their scale and size.

This is a free guide for Scottish Gymnastics member clubs giving an introduction to the Effective Club Framework along with an indication of where to find out more and who to contact for further support. 

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