Advanced Social Media by Colin Kelly - Part 3

Course Overview

Approximate completion time: 70 minutes.
Suitable for: This course is for board members, social media/communication/PR officers, fundraising committee and anyone who has an interest in knowing more about the benefits of social media.

In this extensive series of three courses, social media expert Colin Kelly will guide you through many aspects of social media from the platforms key features and how best to interpret the statistics to increasing income. We will also cover some key consideration around the law and copyright to keep you protected online.

This course has four detailed sections that deliver the following key outcomes:

  • Understanding insight and metrics
  • How social media can help raise revenue
  • How social media helps club PR on a budget
  • Introduction to copyright 
  • Understanding the risks and keeping your club safe on social media


Courses in this series from Colin Kelly include:

1. Introduction to Social Media - click here

2. Getting Results from Social Media - click here

3. Advanced Social Media - click here


This is an exclusive course only available for Scottish Gymnastics members. 

If you have any questions about this course please contact 

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